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Tips to Gain Customers with

You’ve opened your business and you created a website. Now what? This guide will provide you with 7 vital tips that will transform your business from just getting by to a powerhouse of customer leads and sales!

Even if you strictly do all your business offline, the reality today is that almost everybody will only find you through an online search. Long past are the days of a Yellow Pages listing and a small community advertisement. The fact is, 97% of people looking for a business to solve their problem (be it a plumbing issue, planning a party or simple hunger), searched online to find it.

If you have a physical location, 85% of people would have looked up Google Maps to see where you are.
You MUST have a presence online to survive, and more than that, you MUST be listed in the search engines so customers can find you.
This guide includes 7 tips to illustrate how to climb and rank in the search engines, and how to stay there.

Tip #1: Keyword Research

Before you begin to rank in the search engines … you need to know what your potential customers are typing in. You won’t gain much traffic if you rank for terms completely unrelated to your services! To do this, first brainstorm what terms a potential customer might type (or speak) in order to find your business. If you are a plumber in Brooklyn, they might type one of these keywords in:

  • Plumber in Brooklyn
  • Drain cleaning
  • Licensed Brooklyn plumber
  • Residential plumbing services
  • Plumbing repairs
  • New York plumber
  • Emergency plumber
  • Sewer cleaning

List all these terms down in a spreadsheet. Next, you can use a tool that actually researches keywords. The best of these is Google itself, in their Keyword Planner. It is part of their Adwords program, but you can sign up for a free account and pretend you will start an Adwords PPC campaign … but actually don’t.

Type in a keyword term, and Google will give you a multitude of ideas:

Google returned 310 keywords for you related to “plumber in Brooklyn” … this should give you plenty of ideas for keywords! As a bonus, Google will also return a range of numbers for monthly traffic. This is the amount of times people searched for that keyword phrase in a month. As you can see, people typed in “emergency plumber Brooklyn” far more than “plumber in Brooklyn” … something you will want to keep in mind.

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