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Digital Marketing Secrets For
Small Business Owners

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Understanding the Problem with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is absolutely the key to success for pretty much every single business. With close to all new customers today first finding a business online, It’s safe to say that if you don’t nail the specifics of Digital marketing, you’re just not going to be successful, particularly if you are a new business. Even if you are an existing business, you’re just not going to get the new customers, it will be increasingly difficult to keep your existing customers, and you’re not going to increase your order value.

However, it can be a frustrating nightmare for small business owners because there is just no common repository of knowledge of help and advice. While it’s critically important to devote a good chunk of your efforts to online promotion, it’s ridiculously frustrating and hard to get right.

What Do You Focus Your Marketing On?

The internet is key to getting new customers, whether it’s from Google or Facebook, referrals or reviews.
Any marketing plan needs to focus on the following three things:
1. Getting new customers
2. Keeping existing customers
3. Increasing average order values
This has always been true for any business in history. Things are exceptional today, as never before has there been so much power available in the hands of a small business owner.
Just 25 years ago, the marketing platform of choice would have been the Yellow Pages. Sure, you had radio ads, television, mail and the newspaper, but for the Google of search 25 years ago, everybody went to The Yellow Pages! End of story.
Today, though, we have a huge variety of sources to market our business:
• Google Search
• Google Maps
• Email marketing
• Text marketing
• Paid advertising
• Facebook and social media
• Review sites and online directories
• Video media
• Podcasts
Unfortunately, all this power and choice causes all sorts of problems due to the incredible complexity and the inability to really focus. As a small business owner, what do you choose?
With so many options, you may suffer from “paralysis by analysis” because since you have so many things you could be doing, nothing gets done.
Worse, you may be constantly worried that your competition is doing so much better than you are, and understands everything they need to know about Digital marketing. They seem to show up when people search for the services you also provide.

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